- How do I arrive to Pompeii by train?

From Naples Once you arrive at the Garibaldi Central Station, please, follow the CIRCUMVESUVIANA signs. You must catch the train towards SORRENTO, and your stop is POMPEI VILLA DEI MISTERI. It will take more or less 40/45 minutes.
Here is the link to the circumvesuviana website: http://www.sitabus.it/circumvesuviana-orari-e-tariffe/

- What’s the fastest way to get to Naples from Rome?

Hi! If you are looking for a high-speed train from Rome to Naples (and return), please, check the links below.

TRENITALIA – Find your Frecciarossa train here: http://www.trenitalia.com/

ITALO – Find your train here: http://www.italotreno.it/en

- If I travel with my luggage, is there a place where I can store it in Pompeii?

Both the archaeological sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum are provided with a storage room. Huge bags, backpacks, suitcases can be kept there while you are visiting the ruins.

- If I come to Pompeii by car, can you suggest somewhere to park?

We would suggest you to park your car into the Camping Spartacus. It is a safe area – there are cameras watching over all the camping – and it is right opposite to the Hotel Vittoria, on via Plinio in Pompeii, where you will meet your guide.

- Are strollers/wheelchairs allowed into the site?

In the archaeological sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum you will be walking on the original stone pavement, which is pretty uneven. For this reason, strollers are not allowed into the site. In case you have one with you, it can be kept into the storage room of the site. On the other hand, it has been lately opened a new path with a more even pavement, specifically for the customers on wheelchairs. The new streets permit access to the site and to enjoy a tour.

- Is lunch included into the price?

Lunch is not included into the price of the tour, but your guide will be happy to suggest you a lovely place where you can enjoy your lunch.

- Are tickets included?

Admission tickets to the sites are not included.
Day tickets are €13 per adult; €5,50 for EU people between 18 - 24 and school teachers; people under18 of any nationality get in for free (if they show a valid ID - needed) .The guide is going to help you to buy tickets in order to let you skip the lines, since we have privileged access.

- Is the Circumvesuviana train provided with air con?

The trains used on Circumvesuviana train line NAPOLI – SORRENTO – NAPOLI usually have no air con service – and they can get a little overcrowded, above all during the summer season. We would suggest you to enter the first railcar of the train.